TomTom WEBFLEET Lite – Vehicle Tracking

The fastest way to optimise your business

TomTom WEBFLEET® LITE Vehicle Tracking tells you the real-time location of your cars and vans, so you can make smart decisions, fast. The LINK 200 vehicle tracking device is quick and easy to install – simply plug it into the vehicle’s standard OBD-II connector. Plus WEBFLEET is intuitive to use, ensuring you reach maximum efficiencies and significant savings quickly.


Real-time vehicle tracking See where your vehicles are in real time on the TomTom map. Always send the nearest driver, impress your customers and minimise time on the road.

Vehicle tracing View where a vehicle has been in the past 90 days. Follow the driven route on the TomTom map and identify where savings can be made. Instant alerts Receive alerts via email or in WEBFLEET whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone.

Trip reports Generate reliable, easy-to-understand reports to present detailed trip data at a glance. Then use this information to improve processes and drive efficiency.

TomTom WEBFLEET Lite data sheet

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