Best in-class fleet management device for large vehicles

TomTom PRO 7350

  • Best-in-class navigation, truck-specific routing and truck POIs
  • Connects with TomTom LINK for fleet management.
  • Send route from WEBFLEET to driver
  • Messaging and orders for workflow efficiency
  • OptiDrive 360 driving behaviour support
  • Logs working hours
  • Simple and fast updates via Wi-Fi
  • Optional FMS fuel efficiency management

Connected to WEBFLEET® online fleet management via TomTom LINK enables:

Vehicle centric
OptiDrive 360
Real-time feedback and advice promote safe and efficient driving.
Send route from WEBFLEET to driver
Route planned in WEBFLEET and is sent directly to TomTom PRO device.
Order management
Manage orders on your device.
Two-way text communication between drivers and the office.
Always know where your vehicles are.
Tachograph Management Services
Tachograph services download data remotely, analyse and archive information to help stay compliant.
Working time
Record working hours with a tap on the screen.
FMS support
Access enhanced vehicle data for fuel monitoring.
Enrich existing office systems with real-time data from your mobile devices out in the field, such as barcode readers, digital pens and more.


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