TomTom PRO 5250

Built for business

The PRO 5250 gives you the best possible navigation tools to help you get from A to B faster, and stress-free, whilst ensuring the professional driver’s safety, guaranteeing that the driver will not only get there, but will do so in as little time possible, and fuel efficient. The extended memory and extensive map coverage provides all content an international workforce would need.

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Worker’s companion

The PRO 5250 is extremely easy to use, you don’t even have to read the manual. The device gives drivers the best route no matter the time of day and re-routing them if there are problems ahead. It provides spoken instructions, so they can keep their eyes on the road, and a reliable ETA.

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Connect to the office

Being part of WORKsmart™, the PRO 5250 in combination with LINK410 or LINK510, is always connected to the office, giving real-time information allowing the manager to track each vehicle, send the best placed person for each job. All the mileage, working hours, and fuel efficiency data is collected and feed to WEBFLEET® allowing for an easy visualisation and creation of smart reports.



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