GPS Vehicle Tracking Service from FMC Fleettrak

FMC Fleettrak strive to provide its ever growing customer base with a high level of vehicle tracking service. The TomTom webfleet software is easy to use and displays cost saving information at the click of a button. We are able to provide training through a site visit or a webinar, whichever is of more convenience to the customer. Webfleet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) fleet management solution. It allows the business owner to gain high quantities of information regarding the performance of their fleet. The Webfleet dashboard shows real-time traffic information so you can organise your fleet effectively. All the information available on Webfleet can be downloaded and stored in reports so you can analyse vehicle performance at your leisure. Link to more information regarding TomTom Webfleet is below

TomTom Webfleet software

The TomTom product is a leader in its field and the software is maintained to a professional standard. TomTom operates their Optidrive 360 to aid drivers in a responsible and safe driving manner. It provides real-time feedback and advice on a driver’s performance, taking into account speeding and fuel consumption. It is a sure way to reduce overheads within a business as it is proven to reduce fuel and insurance costs. It allows a business to boast about their care for the environment as it analyses CO2 emissions and advises how to reduce the output from your vehicles. The Optidrive 360 really is a must for all businesses that want to reduce their transport costs whilst taking care of the environment. Link below

TomTom Optidrive 360

FMC Fleettrak are experienced in both TomTom Webfleet and Optidrive 360 and can assist any new or current customer in how to realise the full potential of the service. Please call on 01623 287990 or email with any enquiries.

The installs are performed by fully trained engineers who are well equipped to complete the job successfully. Please see our installation page for more details. Link below

FMC Fleettrak Installation Service

TomTom Webfleet software for vehicle tracking service