FMC Fleettrak are proud to become a partner with Geopal Soultions, a new application enhancing the mobile workforce . It is aimed to reduce paperwork and admin time by introducing real-time documents on a mobile app. There are many other benefits to using Geopal that will reduce admin costs and increase productivity of your mobile workforce.

Geopal allows you to see the location of your field workers and which jobs they are working on. Real-time tracking of when certain jobs are started and completed will allow you to assign future jobs more accurately. See travel time between jobs decrease as the nearest worker to the job can be easily identified on the map. This will cut fuel costs and improve customer satisfaction as the jobs can commence at the earliest possible time. Geopal is able to assign assets to jobs and staff so you are always aware of the whereabouts of your equipment and what is needed for the next job.

The drag-and-drop interface on the Geopal app allows you to create and assign jobs directly from the map. The field workers will then receive that job immediately on their android devices and, once the job is accepted, be able to begin the journey to the site location. The real-time visibility of your workers and their job progress will increase the accountability of the workforce. This will see a reduction in overtime and time theft. The clocking in and out function on the Geopal app will validate hours worked by each staff member in the field.

Geopal encourages the workers to create accurate job reports which are uploaded within seconds to the office as long as an internet connection is established. The reports do work offline and will be uploaded as soon as an internet connection is achieved by the mobile device. This eliminates any paper based transferals that can be delayed for many reasons thus leading to faster invoicing and an increase in cash flow. A job could be accepted, completed and invoiced on the same day with Geopal.