Emergency services fleet tracking

Improve the response time of your emergency services operations – and prove it with detailed automated reports.

Respond faster to incidents

When an emergency call comes in – whether it’s a fire, medical emergency or a police incident, you need to be on site quickly and with the right vehicle and equipment for the job. What’s more, you need to show local authorities you’re working to their strict guidelines. TomTom WORKsmart™ solutions give you control over your entire fleet, so you can make sure the right people are in the right place in the fastest possible time – and be able to prove it. You can follow your drivers on a map to see who’s closest, then send them job information and receive real-time updates on the status of an order. And you’ll be able to generate automatic reports proving your response times and how long your people spend on site.

  • Keep first responders safer

    In responding to an emergency, speed is vital – but so is the safety of your staff. TomTom helps you ensure your first responders are as productive as possible, whilst keeping everyone safer on the road. Our communication system keeps drivers in constant contact with the office, with live updates on a job status. Voice Control means drivers can speak their destination, so they can keep their eyes on the road, whilst you keep an eye on the safety of their driving behaviour with our vehicle monitoring system. Our satellite navigation devices guide your drivers and first responders quickly and safely to their destinations, avoiding traffic and unnecessary detours. And we’ll automatically log their mileage, working time and time spent on breaks so you know you’re getting the most out of your staff.

  • Run a more cost-effective fleet

    If you’re running an emergency service, you have to operate within a strict budget. We can help you cut down on costs with our efficient two-way communication system, which allows you to send details instantly to a group of drivers (direct to their TomTom satnav) without spending time or money on individual mobile phone calls. Make the best use out of those on “standby” or in between jobs, by allocating jobs to them instantly, as and when they come in. You’ll also reduce admin costs with our automatic mileage reports. And because our smart navigation system helps you respond to emergencies faster, it’ll be easy to keep to your SLAs and you’ll avoid those hefty fines.